Eugene Ilarionov

Historical woodwinds
Recorders Bagpipes Tabor pipes Whistles

My first profession was mathematician. I graduated from the Mathematics Department of Kiev University in 1980 and was employed at the scientific institute of the same university. Early music was my favourite hobby; in the 90's, I played recorder and lute with two professional Ukrainian ensembles, "Greensleeves" and "Artes Liberales". Since it was not possible to buy good recorders in the USSR, I decided to try to make an instrument myself. I was successful with my first attempt and was so pleased with it, that - after a long period of teaching myself, including studying the respective academic literature and drawings of originals, and doing countless experiments - making early woodwinds became my profession. Meanwhile, I regularly take part in different exhibitions of historical musical instruments in Europe.

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22.05.2017     Links of musicians who play my instruments:   musicians
22.05.2017    Modern Ukrainian chromatic recorder:   Sopilka

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